Thursday, 27 October 2011

Development - Pre Pro

So I've done a bit of character development today. I got some more ideas for them both but for now I thought I'd just pop up a few images. I've also got one or two extra characters to design which I've thought of as well so I'll share those when I've started working on them. :)

 Decided to do more development with shape and dynamics with the faces, some I quite like, others I think don't work at all so all good for testing I think :D

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Research - Pre Pro

So, after brainstorming some ideas for this project, here's my idea ready for some working progress:

It doesn't have a name yet, but its a TV series about 2 sisters, Daisy aged 8 and Jasmine aged 6, who live in a cottage just out of the local village. They, as any small kids have are active imaginations and in their wild, overgrown back garden they have some pretty fun adventures. Those adventures are yet to be thought up by myself at the moment and may have to wait until the end of the project before I reveal anything.

But I shall be uploading my character and location stuff with different styles and media just to see how things work etc and to get some feedback from whoever is looking :D

For now, some research
(images used aren't mine and are used for research purposes only!)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Art of...Pre Production

So today I had a good chat with one of my tutors about some ideas for my Major project this year. As a design student for animation my aim for the end of this project is to have my very own Art of book which I'm really excited about. I've started to throw around some ideas which I'm mind mapping at the moment to see what direction to head in. All I can say is there's some great influences coming from some awesome industry Art Of books.

Another project to run along side the major pre production is the personal project. Im really looking to push style and shape in this section of the brief. Illustrator is a programme I think I'm going to use to help with the type of effect I'm going for.

Try and get some work up soon!!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

My Flash Finals.

This was the first time I had ever used Flash and managed to pull these off in 2 weeks which was a difficult task to undertake so you'll have to excuse my animations if they seem a little less than what you expected as I'm still learning. :)

After exporting the movies it's made the videos slightly slower. But they still look fine to me so enjoy :)

Development for my Flash Project

These are my 3 Thumbnails ready for my final mini Flash animations. I wanted to create 3 different e-cards to send out to people at different times of the year for pure enjoyment purposes.

My first one is for Halloween. I wanted to have something fun with the obvious character choice like the pumpkin and ghosts etc. Which I think will work quite nicely for that time of year.
 Next I've got my Post e-card which is more for an easier way to give someone a greeting from your computer, rather than sending a postcard with everything being online these days.
 My final design is a Christmas e-card. This one for the obvious reason as it's the most fun time of year so I wanted to do something quite fun and playful with this one. Which hopefully will come across in my animation.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Beginning

Hi to all visiting my page. I've set up my blog to track my development and progress while adding in my own work as well. 
I really want to have somewhere to upload my work and get as much feedback as possible on my work and  any suggestions people may have for me. 
Currently doing a Flash project in uni where by I have to make a 30 second film showing how much Ive learned about the programme over the past 3 weeks. Once I'm done with my clips I'll upload them for you guys to have a look at :).
That's all for now.