Wednesday, 16 May 2012

another promo image

Here's another promo image for Life's so Sweet!!

Promotional Image

So I've done another background of Sugarton high hill. I really like this image which ties in nicely with the other backgrounds. I like it so much I wanted to make it the base for my promotional image.

And this is what the promo image looks like :D 

More Collaboration....

Here's some more collar stuff.
I quite like these designs that Ive given a greyscale wash in photoshop. The forest one I think is my favourite one to design and to colour. I has this kind of enchanted feeling.
But I do still like the others swell. Ive done more to go with this project but at the moment as usual panic is here for this deadline!

Character Line Up

This is my character line up obviously because I have so many characters haha!
I don't really know what to say except here it is really.

Some collaboration/Some more production

 This is the background idea for the collaborative project. We've designed a game in our group which is set in the Medieval ages. This is the background idea for the forest level which I quite like. What we're designing are the pre pro work images for the game rather than production images so we get a chance to go through some good designing stages.

Due to freaking out about the deadline at the end of the week I'm not uploading much at the moment but I will show you more from this project soon!

I've designed more props for the girls as I didn't think they really had much, so I did some girly accessories they might have and obviously every girl needs some variety and choice so there's plenty to choose from.

I've done some bicycle designs for the girls for their trips back and for to Sugarton Town or to ride up and down the lane outside their house. I think these ideas are quite fun and quirky and fit in nicely with the other vehicle designs.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Personal Project

So these are my final personal project images.

I wanted to redesign movie posters from popular films from the 80s and early 90s
The idea was to have a simple background and images.

I wanted people to be able to look at the images and know right away what each of the movies are.
I like how they have turned out. There's parts of each that I really like and parts that I could change, but I like the outcomes and personally I think they work well.

I really love 80s and early 90s movies so I wanted to do something quite fun and different to my major project. I really enjoyed doing this project and will probably continue to do more of them.

Monday, 30 April 2012

more finished pieces

Character Turnarounds



Character colour development

Daisy action poses

Vehicle shape development

Personal Project
Another design idea for my personal project for remaking 80s classic movies.
Here I wanted to have a sort of washed out feeling to give a nostalgic feeling also I didn't want to put too much information onto the poster because the image speaks for itself. By taking a main element of the movie which is something so identifiable to the audience it doesn't need anything else. I prefer this design to the previous one I did, this one has more of a style and an idea of representing the classics whereas the other one just seemed quite copy cat to previous posters made.