Saturday, 31 March 2012

Some more backgrounds

'Ye ole sweet shop' inside!

So this is what the inside of the sweet shop looks like. This image shows the whole image I designed so I could choose which part I wanted to use as my final scaled background. I used Illustrator to make this one which I think works nicely so it's the style I want to put the rest of my backgrounds in apart from my forest ones which I wanted in a different style so you can tell the 2 'worlds' apart.

 This is my scaled background of the shop which I really like as it's eye level for the young characters as a POV shot. I tried to add a 3D effect to add depth to the scene, so you can see through the glass counter to the cupboard behind and the same for the muffin fridge.

Sugarton town - Re-vamped
So I've made some changes to this background which I think work better than the other one did. I did the rest of the town in Illustrator and did the shop in Photoshop to get more detailing. I think it fits in better and it matches the style of the other background.

So this is what Sugarton town looks like at night. I added a fog and some stars in the sky and put a blue gradient over the image to add to the effect of night time. I added a glow with a soft brush to the lights on the cinema which look quite nice and add a bit more to the mood of the background. I'm happy with the overall look of this background.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Completed backgrounds


Sugarton Town

So this is what the town looks like. The sweet shop is pretty cool!! not sure about the road, too much grey going on, but I quite like it.

The Garden/Forest

So I've made some more changes to this background in comparison to the previous one. I've added a foreground and pushed back the background colour even more in photoshop which really gives it more of a 3D feel unlike before. I like how the sweets stand out swell it makes it more whimsical.

Floor Plan

These are my colour keys for my floor plan with the final image as well. I used Illustrator to create my images and I quite like the style of them and the way they turned out.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Animation Business

Ultimate Image

This is my ultimate image that represents ME :D 

Business Card
This is my business card idea to tie in with my project.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Background progressions

Forest background

This is the finished watercolour background for a panning shot that I'm going to enhance in photoshop so I'll put the before and afters up once I've finished it. 
I like the outcome and I like how it progresses into a candy world.