Sunday, 15 April 2012

More more more!!!


Some more props! Here are some of the girls fave things!!!
Daisy's got her paint brush, colouring crayons and Reggie the Rabbit.
Jasmine's got her flowers, mystery book, camera and spy goggles!

Some more finished backgrounds

So we have another forest background to add to the completed list. I quite like this one and it's good to have another painted watercolour background to go with the other one which should make more sense to viewers about the different styles to represent the 2 different worlds

This is the Greenly Home. Nice and colourful surrounded by the big trees. Lots of bright colours for the target audience. It's not my favourite background that I've done but I still quite like it!

I wanted to try out my 2 characters in a background which I've done in both of the pictures below. I think they look quite nice in them. It's nice to see the images match with the characters!

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