Saturday, 31 March 2012

Some more backgrounds

'Ye ole sweet shop' inside!

So this is what the inside of the sweet shop looks like. This image shows the whole image I designed so I could choose which part I wanted to use as my final scaled background. I used Illustrator to make this one which I think works nicely so it's the style I want to put the rest of my backgrounds in apart from my forest ones which I wanted in a different style so you can tell the 2 'worlds' apart.

 This is my scaled background of the shop which I really like as it's eye level for the young characters as a POV shot. I tried to add a 3D effect to add depth to the scene, so you can see through the glass counter to the cupboard behind and the same for the muffin fridge.

Sugarton town - Re-vamped
So I've made some changes to this background which I think work better than the other one did. I did the rest of the town in Illustrator and did the shop in Photoshop to get more detailing. I think it fits in better and it matches the style of the other background.

So this is what Sugarton town looks like at night. I added a fog and some stars in the sky and put a blue gradient over the image to add to the effect of night time. I added a glow with a soft brush to the lights on the cinema which look quite nice and add a bit more to the mood of the background. I'm happy with the overall look of this background.

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